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Who are we?

The Freedom Fighters are the supporters group for the Women's Professional Soccer team the Washington Freedom. For more information, see our About Us page.

News and notes:

2010 April 4 - We are still here!

The 2010 season is almost upon us, and the Freedom Fighters are back and better than ever. You're welcome to join us and the Bravehearts in Section 111 at the Soccerplex as we try to raise the noise level at the stadium. And if you need a ride there, see our No Fan Left Behind program page for information on how to get one. Our solemn vow is that no Freedom fan will miss a home game due to lack of transportation!

2010 April 4 - Road trip opportunity #1: Atlanta at Philadelphia

If anyone would like to take in the inaugural match of both WPS expansion teams on Sunday, April 11, at 6 pm in West Chester, PA, please let me know ( It's a little over a two-hour drive from this area.

Where are the updates?

If you're wondering why there's not more here, it's because most of the Freedom Fighters communications is done through email, particularly our weekly e-newsletter, From the Ramparts. I'm working on coming up with an easy way to post material both here and via email, but right now it's more trouble than it's worth since I don't think all that many people visit this website. (Feel free to contact me and let me know if you're one of them and would like to see more regular updates - if I know people are reading the website, then I'm more likely to do stuff with it.)

2009 July 4 - Road trip to Rutgers: Let's go see the Freedom play Sky Blue!

It seems appropriate that I'm writing something in support of a team called the Freedom on American Independence Day. Let's pause for a moment and contemplate that before we get back to soocer.

Okay, the next big event for the Freedom Fighters is going to be a road trip to see the Freedom take on Sky Blue on the campus of Rutgers University on July 15. Unfortunately, this is a Wednesday, which makes it a lot more challenging than if it were a weekend. Our current plan is to leave not long after lunch (in order to avoid rush hour), get up their with time to spare, take in the game, then head back immediately afterwards. No matter how promptly we leave, however, we're not going to get back until after Metrorail shuts down for the evening, so keep that in mind. If you're interested even so, then call me at 301.345.2774 or email me at Detail of who's driving and where we'll be leaving from will be decided once we know who's gong.

2009 April 9 - The Freedom Fighters at the home opener

It's been a long time coming, but finally professional women's soccer returns to the DC area, and the Freedom Fighters will be there!

Before the game: We will have a table at the team's Fan Fest where we'll be recruiting members, but feel free to stop by and say hello whether you want to join or not.

During the game: The team has asked us to take over one of the unreserved corner sections and see what we can do to liven it up, so for this match at least the supporters' section will be Section 111, the far right-hand section as you enter the stadium, across from the building next to the field. Any fans interested in engaging in demonstrative and unrestrained support for the Freedom is welcome to join us there.

Hope to see a packed Soccerplex on Saturday. Go Freedom!

2009 April 4 - Washington Freedom 2, University of Virginia 0

Goals by Abby Wambach and Jayme Leigh Cargnoni. Abby's just seemed to be a flub by the goalkeeper, who attempted to dive on a not terribly challenging ball, but it trickled past her and over the line. Jayme's came off a nice centering pass from Rebecca Moros, who beat two Cavaliers before getting to the end line and sending the pass in to the far post, where Cargnoni was ready to pounce. (Rebecca's one of my favorite players from the W-League team - I don't know why she wasn't given a chance to bring some energy to the midfield in the inaugural match, particularly considering how much the Freedom needed energy in that area.)

Each goal was scored toward the end of the half, Abby's in the first and Jayme's in the second.

Freedom still playing very deliberately, with lots of possession, but so much more concerned with maintaining possession than scoring that sometimes I felt like pointing and shouting, "The goal's this way!"

Same starting lineup for the match, except for Kristin DeDycker in for Lori Lindsey, who was the only healthy player not in attendance for some reason. "B" team put in for the second half, with K.J. in for Briana, Jill Gilbeau for Emily Janss, Joanna Lohman and Rebecca Moros in for Homare Sawa and Sonia Bompastor, and Claire Zimmeck in for Abby Wambach. Later on, Madison Keller replaced Kristen DeDycker and Jayme Leigh Cargnoni subbed for Alex Singer, leaving Lisa De Vanna, Allie Long, Cat Whitehill, and Becky Sauerbrunn the only players to go 90 for the Freedom.

Christen Karniski has a calf injury that will have her sidelined for another three weeks. Parrissa Eyorokon has a cast on her leg, and I don't know when she'll be back.

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